The Skolfield Bible prophecy Study
2014-15 Edition


Ellis H. Skolfield is internationally recognized as one of the world's foremost expositors of Bible prophecy. Continually updated and liberally illustrated with graphs and pictures, this 530 page, 2014-15 Edition of the Skolfield Bible prophecy Study is not just a little more guesswork theology! It is the most up to date, Christ centered, analysis of the prophetic books now being published anywhere and it is FREE! 


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Recent Events in the Holy Land fulfill Bible prophecy

It can now be shown conclusively that Daniel, a prophet in the Hebrew Scriptures, prophesied the coming of Islam 1200 years before Muhammad was born. Those same scriptures prophesied the crucifixion of Messiah over 500 years before Jesus was born. John, another Bible prophet, foresaw the new nation of Israel 1800 years before it was established. John then prophesied that Jerusalem would be freed of Islamic control in 1967.

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